Argumentative Essay Assignment

This assignment builds off the work done so far this semester and specifically draws from the seeds planted by the project proposal and the bibliographic essay. This assignment calls for writing a 5 page argumentative paper that draws on one of the three novels that we have read this semester plus additional primary and secondary research on your topic. In addition to this writing assignment, your work on this project will also culminate in a low stakes digital humanities project. That assignment will be detailed in a separate assignment.


  • To continue developing skills for researching primary and secondary sources
  • To integrate both primary and secondary sources through direct quotation, paraphrase, and summary
  • To develop a nuanced & sophisticated argument suitable for an academic setting
  • To write as a process from brainstorming and prewriting to writing and revision
  • Practicing close reading skills


  • This paper must include textual evidence from either Charlotte Temple, The Coquette, or The Boarding School
  • This paper must include evidence based off of researching other primary sources
  • This paper must be informed by research based on secondary sources appropriate to an academic setting
  • Full 5 pages
  • Meet MLA formatting guidelines including proper in-text citations and a properly formatted works cited page
  • Be submitted in class as a hard-copy