Project Proposal

A Project Proposal; or, Being Your Proposed Plan for an Argumentative Research Assignment and Accompanying Low stakes Digital Humanities Project

 For this assignment you’ll write a two-page topic proposal on a subject topic that you’d like to investigate relating to Charlotte Temple, The Coquette, or The Boarding School. Over the course of the semester we’ve had the opportunity to discuss various aspects of three thematically linked novels written by two women of the Early National Period. Additionally, we’ve worked with a variety of primary and secondary sources that aided in our understanding of these literary works, their authors, and the time period. For this assignment you’ll write a proposal where you envision a topic relating to one of the three novels that we’ve read and that you’d like to write and think about in more depth for the major assignment that we will complete over the last half of the semester. For this assignment, answers, especially “correct ones” at this point don’t matter, but curiosity and initial observations do matter. This assignment provides an opportunity to engage with ideas by writing a two-page paper proposal. You’ll bring this proposal to a conference that will be held during the midterm exam week where I’ll consult with you regarding your ideas and potential primary and secondary sources.

Being Some Initial Questions That You Might Desire to Think Upon:

  • Which of the three texts that we have read would you like to write about?
  • What are some initial ideas or observations you have about the text?
  • What aspect of the book or its relationship to its era would you like to know more about?
  • What questions do you have that you’d like to know more about?


  • Realizing the best resource you have are your own ideas
  • Brainstorming
  • To think and write as part of a process
  • To establish fruitful lines of inquiry regarding primary and secondary sources


  • Selecting appropriate topics based on completed work to date
  • Potential of a sophisticated argument appropriate to the college level
  • Using appropriate voice and tone for an academic setting

Project Proposal content and format requirements:

  • Must propose a potential topic to explore along with potential sources
  • Remember that this is not a report
  • 2 full pages
  • Proper MLA paper format and in-text citations