Exploring the Digital Humanities (Updated Assignment)

Evaluating a Digital Humanities Project

For this assignment you’ll be evaluating a digital humanities project and writing a short 2 page paper where you discuss and reflect on the project.

Digital Humanities: What’s that?

One definition is that the digital humanities provide a way of using digital tools to answer questions about the humanities. But what are digital tools? Well, they can be actual tools or a way of thinking and creating that draws inspiration inspired from the digital. Some might say digital humanities means making or creating something new or even breaking something that already exists. Our Lib Guide includes some helpful links and below you can find resources that explain more about the digital humanities.

What can I do or not do for this assignment?

It really is up to you. Pick something that relates to our course content and that is of interest to you. I’ve listed some ideas below, but feel free to explore beyond this list. Our Library Guide also includes several resources that might be worth exploring.

What should the paper address?

The paper is largely a reflection of your experience of working with a particular digital humanities project. As you explore, think, and write, here are some things to think about that draw from what you’ve learned in UCOR 101 and UCOR 102:

  • Engage with the content. Think about how the information is presented
  • Is it clear what the subject matter is important? Does it answer the “so what” question?
  • Think about design elements and how the creator presents their information
  • Consider the audience: does it target a narrow scholarly audience or is it designed for a public audience?
  • What other considerations do you feel are important?

Some Project Ideas:

  • Explore a blog devoted to public scholarship
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Write a review of an online exhibit
  • Write a review of a digital humanities project


  • To have fun
  • To do something different
  • To think about how ideas are created and shared


  • Write a 2 page reflection on your work
    • Don’t just answer the questions included above. Use them as a springboard to come up with your own original take on the material you explore

Some Suggested Things to Explore:

Consult this list of sites using an Omeka, a tool for creating curated online exhibits

Ben Franklin’s World: A podcast devoted to topics related to American History

Digital AAS: Digital projects created by the American Antiquarian Soceity

The Library Company of Philadelphia:  This site includes a list of online exhibitions from the LCP

The Massachusetts Historical Society: Online resources