Close Reading #2

UCOR 102
Assignment #2
Close Reading of The Coquette

 For our second assignment you will write a 2-page close reading based on your study and reading of The Coquette and one primary text that you find through research. In doing this assignment focus attention on an argument relating to a particular claim about The Coquette and a primary text of your choice. The close reading must include a thesis that makes a specific claim about The Coquette, the passage that you analyze and your primary document. The paper must use textual evidence from the novel and appropriate evidence from your found primary text. The paper must also present an analysis of the evidence that is used to support the thesis.

 Primary Source

 For this assignment you’ll have the opportunity to draw upon a primary source of your choice that you will “read” in conjunction with The Coquette. The selection of your primary text is up to you, but it should be contextually and temporally appropriate to The Coquette. The primary source can be another contemporary text such as a letter, journal, or a periodical. Use the resources included on our Library Guide to help you find a primary text of interest to you.

This assignment is a place to do the following:

  1. Researching and working with primary sources
  2. To explore own ideas through the tools of close reading and writing
  3. Exploring writing as a process through a variety of brainstorming and free-writing exercises
  4. To experiment with stimulating curiosity, raising and developing questions, and fostering the desire to think in sophisticated and nuanced ways about a text
  5. To explore through writing your own ideas about The Coquette
  6. To share your ideas with others through writing

 Assignment and Assessment Goals for Close Reading #2

  • Selecting appropriate topics based on critical reading, annotating texts, and utilizing prewriting exercises
  • Developing a sophisticated argument appropriate to the college level and supported by your interpretation of compelling and appropriate evidence
  • Integrating and properly citing a primary texts
  • Using and incorporating primary sources
  • Using appropriate voice and tone for an academic setting

Close Reading #2 content and format requirements:

  • Must be argumentative and not merely a report
  • Careful integration of textual evidence through direct quotation and paraphrase of The Coquette
  • Include evidence from your primary source
  • 2 full pages
  • Proper MLA format and in-text citations
  • Hard-copy of paper and a copy of your primary source submitted in class