Bibliographic Essay

Bibliographic Essay for the Argumentative Research Project

 For this assignment we will be creating a bibliographic essay. In the past you might have compiled an annotated bibliography as part of a long-term research project. A bibliographic essay, just like the annotated bibliography, is a tool that assists the creator in thinking about secondary sources that might inform their thinking and ideas about a project. However, a bibliographic essay differs in several ways from an annotated bibliography. First, it is an essay. Second, since it is an essay, the parts of the whole are more unified and their connections are more apparent. One way that a bibliographic essay differs from an annotated bibliography is that it is much more focused on connections between sources and works to synthesize secondary sources related to a given topic.

For the bibliographic essay you’ll build off of your project proposal by researching your proposed topic in more detail by examining a variety of secondary sources. These sources can be books, essays or chapters from books, or journal articles addressing a variety of topics. While you might consult a variety of sources, they must be appropriate academic sources.

 Assignment and Assessment Goals for the Bibliographic Essay

  • Selecting and evaluating appropriate secondary materials based on critical reading
  • Integrating and properly citing secondary texts
  • Using appropriate voice and tone for an academic setting

 Bibliographic Essay Content and Format requirements:

  • The bibliographic essay isn’t a report; it is a critical survey of secondary works in a given area
  • Careful integration of textual evidence through direct quotation and paraphrase
  • Be sure to use 4 to 5 different secondary sources
  • 4 full pages
  • Proper MLA paper format including in-text citations and a works cited page
  • Hard-copy of paper submitted in class