Bethlehem Boarding School Roster Transcription: Editorial Decisions

Project Background This transcription project focuses on the Bethlehem Boarding School operated by the Moravians. My transcription of the Bethlehem Boarding School roster began as part of my early work on students attending the Boarding School in the 1790s. My initial work on the Boarding School focused on the March 1792 the visit of severalContinue reading “Bethlehem Boarding School Roster Transcription: Editorial Decisions”

Revolution, Marketing, & the Legacy of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies

I’ve been working on a project examining poetry at the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies since the fall of 2014. Of course, when I began this exploration I had many questions. I had the big research questions. And I also had logistical questions: Was there an archival record? Where was this archival record? Looking forContinue reading “Revolution, Marketing, & the Legacy of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies”