Crossposting: Academia, Your Whorephobia is Showing

I wrote a great deal of content for Pedagogy and American Literary Studies over the past year, even though I didn’t spend time in the college classroom. I should clarify my statement given the past year plus: Currently, I don’t work in academia. I don’t work at all. No time in the classroom. Literally? Figuratively?Continue reading “Crossposting: Academia, Your Whorephobia is Showing”

The Possible End of #FollowWomenWednesday

Last week, Megan Kate Nelson published a great piece on her blog about the limitations of Follow Women Wednesday going forward. One of the stunning revelations by Nelson’s post was her own blunt statement that #FollowWomenWednesday cannot keep going. I skimmed the piece last week before class and that night went home to read itContinue reading “The Possible End of #FollowWomenWednesday”