Wigging Out in Class

The semester is drawing to a close. And as it closes, I think about the revising and revamping my courses and the day to day workings of the classroom. One thing I am working on is trying to make the most of class time, especially when my big plans take less time (for whatever reasons).Continue reading “Wigging Out in Class”

Not your typical University Commerical

The genre conventions for a 30 second TV spot used by major colleges and universities, especial R1 institutions with bigtime sports, are rather conventional. Nondescript inspiring music accompanies well-known images of the campus, vague highlights of award-winning research faculty (often in science and technology), and students often enjoying life far from the classroom. And thereContinue reading “Not your typical University Commerical”

Saving the Humanities, whatever that means

It is impossible to miss the various calls to save the humanities. And, yes we hear those calls because many of us are in an echo chamber, but let’s skip that for now. Case by case we know what it looks like (maybe) to save individual elements of the humanities: a place, a museum, theContinue reading “Saving the Humanities, whatever that means”