Sharing Bad Days in the Classroom

Over on PALS I wrote a short piece on teaching a pairing of Thomas Jefferson and Phillis Wheatley. Each time I write for PALS or I write for my own blog—I’m looking for a chance to write small. The aim: shorter posts, but more frequent posts. I tried to write small today. For the sakeContinue reading “Sharing Bad Days in the Classroom”

Ending 24/7 Finals Culture

Finals time is here again and with it, at many schools, comes 24/7 study culture. Student lounges and campus buildings give up the late regular semester hours and throw the doors open to a 24/7 study atmosphere. The apparatus of the university goes into overdrive as food courts and libraries are kept open. All theContinue reading “Ending 24/7 Finals Culture”

A few anecdotes on what my students knew about the Civil War

From the fall of 2011 until the spring of 2014, I taught a Civil War themed composition course at the University of Missouri. My thematic approach varied over the semesters as the course covered the legacy of the Civil War, the memory of the war, and representations of the war on social media and online.Continue reading “A few anecdotes on what my students knew about the Civil War”