Revolution, Marketing, & the Legacy of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies

I’ve been working on a project examining poetry at the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies since the fall of 2014. Of course, when I began this exploration I had many questions. I had the big research questions. And I also had logistical questions: Was there an archival record? Where was this archival record? Looking forContinue reading “Revolution, Marketing, & the Legacy of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies”

Ending 24/7 Finals Culture

Finals time is here again and with it, at many schools, comes 24/7 study culture. Student lounges and campus buildings give up the late regular semester hours and throw the doors open to a 24/7 study atmosphere. The apparatus of the university goes into overdrive as food courts and libraries are kept open. All theContinue reading “Ending 24/7 Finals Culture”