Crossposting: Academia, Your Whorephobia is Showing

I wrote a great deal of content for Pedagogy and American Literary Studies over the past year, even though I didn’t spend time in the college classroom. I should clarify my statement given the past year plus: Currently, I don’t work in academia. I don’t work at all. No time in the classroom. Literally? Figuratively?Continue reading “Crossposting: Academia, Your Whorephobia is Showing”

Bethlehem Boarding School Roster Transcription: Editorial Decisions

Project Background This transcription project focuses on the Bethlehem Boarding School operated by the Moravians. My transcription of the Bethlehem Boarding School roster began as part of my early work on students attending the Boarding School in the 1790s. My initial work on the Boarding School focused on the March 1792 the visit of severalContinue reading “Bethlehem Boarding School Roster Transcription: Editorial Decisions”

Technology Bans: Some Thoughts

I don’t have a blanket ban on technology in the classroom. It would not make sense since I have my syllabus and calendar online—and that can be problematic because of access reasons. Also, I’d send a conflicting and confusing message to students with an outright ban. It would be confusing to students to have aContinue reading “Technology Bans: Some Thoughts”